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The Orphan Black #CLONECLUB meetup at SDCC today was amazing! Thank You bbcamerica and orphanblack !!!


The Orphan Black #CLONECLUB meetup at SDCC today was amazing! Thank You bbcamerica and orphanblack !!!

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Tatiana Maslany attends EW’s 2014 Women Who Kick Ass panel at SDCC [x]

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“She just does terrible things, because why not?” — Tatiana Maslany on Rachel Duncan (x)

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Orphan Black AU - In which Sarah and Beth grow up together as twins and end up taking the “clonespiracy” into their own hands in order to protect their family (which has now grown by a genetic identical or two).

Oh my god, this is making me anxious. GIVE ME MORE, NOW.

do you know if there's a video of the orphan black panel at comic-con? i've seen some gifsets but i can't find a full video...


hiii. here are a bunch of video links of the OB Cast at SDCC2014:

Orphan Black Panel: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (additional clips)

Nerd HQ Panel: Full

Fan Meetup: Tatiana kissing a puppy, posing with a glue gun, laughing

Fan Favorite (Jordan): Part 1, Part 2

Women Who Kick Ass (Tatiana; clips only): Introduction, Clip

Media Rounds: Tatiana/Maria/Jordan, Ari/Kristian/Dylan, John/Graeme

Tatiana recreates shaun of the dead, waves to a fan, chats with Matt Smith

Kristian Bruun dancing

Official SDCC OB Vids: Funny Moments from S2, Recap, exhibit clips

for people that asked for different links, hope this helps!

Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris attend the “Orphan Black” panel on Day 2 of Comic-Con International on Friday, July 25, 2014, in San Diego.

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Get to know me meme » favorite tv shows [INPO]
↳ Skins (2007 - 2013)

"Change. It’s a wonderful thing. Look, you know how subatomic particles don’t obey physical laws? They act according to chance, chaos, coincidence. They run into each other in the middle of the universe somewhere and bang! Energy! We’re the same as that. That’s the great thing about the universe: unpredictable. That’s why it’s so much fun."

I just really thought to myself; why wait any longer? Because you’re all I want. You’ve been all I ever wanted and I honestly don’t see why we’re waiting anymore.

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